Do you own a children's entertainment business? Such as soft play, children's party provider or venue, or just want to start an exciting new venture?

Are you looking to increase your earning potential in a fun, exciting and highly profitable way?

Coming soon Autumn 2021! 

Slime Box UK - The Online Training Programme

Online training for you and your team by a leading slime party provider with 1000s of hours experience in slime parties, workshops, kits, schools and events…..Learn how to host your very own parties & events! 

What will you learn? 

  • Earning Potential - The earnings with this opportunities are huge I will show you how you can earn £500 a day for parties & workshops and upwards of £1200 at events & festivals.
  • Marketing & branding You will learn how to create a buzz around your new service on social media.
  • Equipment & Supplies The most important part! Not all glue will work, not all activators will work, you never want to find that out when you are just about to start a party!
  • The Slime! This is really where you can stand out from other providers.
  • When things go wrong! Having 1000`s of hours experience, over the years, we`ve seen it all!
  • Health & Safety
  • Support

Want to know more? Have more questions or just want to see how much you can earn?

We have put together a handy little guide, going over our most asked questions, along with examples of pricing, typical earnings and costs. 

We will also be having a very generous early bird discount, to be eligible for this, and to read our guide straight away, just pop your details in below.