Do you own a children's entertainment business? Such as soft play, children's party provider or venue, or just want to start an exciting new venture?

Are you looking to increase your earning potential in a fun, exciting and highly profitable way?

Introducing Slime Box UK - The Training Program

Training for you and your team by a leading slime party provider with 1000s of hours experience in slime parties, workshops, kits, schools and events…..

Just a little bit about me..

I established Slime Box UK in 2017 after my son kept begging to try and make slime, back then, the slime phenomenon was not yet in the UK, so supplies and ingredients were hard to get let alone trying to even make it!

So, for about 12 months solid, I tried, tested and perfected my own method on how to make the perfect slime!

Once I'd figured this out, the craze had begun and I was absolutely inundated with requests to make I launched Slime Box UK.

We were one of the very first in the UK, our workshops sold out time after time and the feedback was amazing, the children loved it!

Slime birthday parties followed on from there along with events, school visits, and amazing opportunities such as our time at Folly Farm and the NEC and the rest is history!

Fast forward to 2021 and kids are still crazy for slime with demand higher than ever, higher than we could ever keep up with or meet.

I spent a long time trying to find the best way to meet this demand, deciding that the training program would be the perfect way to allow children's entertainment businesses to benefit enormously, with endless earning potential.

 Now with everything opening back up, it's the perfect way to add some much needed revenue by being able to offer this fun, in demand new service.

The Training Program will be a digital online training program, that you will be able to access over and over again and will cover the following....

Earning Potential - The earnings with this opportunities are huge

I will show you how you can earn £500 a day for parties & workshops and upwards of £1200 at events & festivals.

How to utilise up-sells like DIY Slime KIts & Merchandise to increase revenue and profit.

I will show you a simple technique to gain huge interest on social media, having a list of potential customers waiting to book before you even start.

You will learn how to attend events & festivals, what equipment is needed and how its structured to maximise profit, plus where to find out what events & festivals are on to have a full diary all year around (even over the winter)

Once you have completed our training, we will then be able to promote you on our busy FaceBook page, we will consistently add posts and photos of your business to promote bookings in your area.

Marketing & branding

You will learn how to create a buzz around your new service on social media.

Tips and techniques I have learned to get sell out workshops by using themes.

How to take bookings and payments online

Branding advice to make your new venture really stand out from the competition.

Create email lists to have a consistent customer base to ensure your workshops or events are always sold out.

Learn the best way to book new parties to ensure a constant flow.

Equipment & Supplies

The most important part! Not all glue will work, not all activators will work, you never want to find that out when you are just about to start a party!

We will show you every piece of equipment needed, along with a suppliers list where you get the cheapest supplies from, but most importantly, the supplies that work!

We`ll show you the exact supplies that children go crazy over that you would not want to leave out. 

Preparation, Set Up & Structure

The key to holding a successful slime party is preparation, set up & structure.

Using our party structure will allow you to make sure the party runs smoothly, to time and that every child has the best experience.

You will learn how and what to prepare in advance so everything is to hand and measured out, taking the stress out of the party itself.

If you have staff or helpers, exactly what they should be doing during the party to make sure everything is on track.

How to avoid the most common mistakes we see that can descend the party into chaos!

The best setup to use to allow you to give attention to each guest while keeping everything clean and organised.

The structure, id say this is one of the most important parts of the parties. We have spent years perfecting the structure we use, it allows the party to flow from start to finish making sure all guests have continuous fun.

You will also learn the best venues to use if you are not using your own, where to find them and what you need to check beforehand. 

The Slime!

This is really where you can stand out from other providers.

We have spent years perfecting our slime recipe and making process. We know how to get slime to work every time, plus most importantly, how to know what to do if it ever fails.

You will be able to make the perfect slime and understand how certain ingredients affect the outcome.

You will learn how to add scents to your slime in a safe way, as well as make some of the most popular slimes such as butter slime, cloud slime, clear slime and fluffy slime.

You will learn the difference between each slime and how they are all played with differently.

We will show you how to keep up with the latest trends in the slime world which is an absolute must. Children are very savvy and will want to see the latest trends.

You will also learn the most favourite part of the party, making giant slime bubbles!

These can be very difficult to master but using our simple technique will allow you to wow your guests and have them screaming with excitement.

You will learn a very important part of slime making, the activation! What activator to use and how to use it safely, plus where to get it from!

You will also learn the number one way to gain more party bookings, by using a certain part of the structure.

When things go wrong!

Having 1000`s of hours experience, over the years, we`ve seen it all! From the time a little boy tipped a whole bowl of slime on his head, to the slime in the hair, brand new shoes, you name it we`ve seen it.

We will show you exactly what to do in these circumstances to be able to calmly continue the party with no fuss.

Health & Safety

Following on from the knowledge you may already have in your business, we will show you the health and safety protocol we`ve used over and over, making you confident you are doing everything required, this will cover things like, insurance, hygiene, allergies, DBS/CRB.

When and where to use warning labels and what should they say.

What parents need to be aware of and what permissions are needed.


Full aftercare & support given via a private Facebook group after your training, if you ever have a question or get stuck, you will be able to get in touch with us straight away.

You and/your staff will learn all the above, as well as our secret “little touches” that we always make sure to add to give the best party experience ever.

If you take a look at our 5 star reviews on Facebook, you will see how we are able to delight our guests every time, and we can teach you this exact framework.

We have a limit to begin with, to make sure we are available to give full support if needed.

The course is going to be available next week, if you are interested in the course and would like to know prices and availability, just pop your details below and we will be in touch with the details.

There is a flexible, interest free, payment instalment plan available