🔥Mega Slime Kit & Bag🔥
🔥Mega Slime Kit & Bag🔥
🔥Mega Slime Kit & Bag🔥
🔥Mega Slime Kit & Bag🔥
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🔥Mega Slime Kit & Bag🔥

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🔥The MEGA Slime Kit!!🔥 We are now taking orders for the first lot of kits that will go out next week:) We`ve also added more colours, they look amazing! 

 They will also have extra accessories and coloruing sheets included! Hours of fun! 

We know, after speaking to 1000`s of children, their all time favorite slimes to make are Butter Slime, Fluffy Slime & Clear Slime. We also know how much they love the add ons like floam beads, glitters, slime charms and they absolutely love to add a scent!😍

So we have put all of that together into the ultimate slime kit! Each kit is individually packed with full instructions and all packed in a handy bag where they can keep all their slime supplies safe and & clean in one place 😀

More importantly, each kit is carefully put together to ensure they work every time, The Mega Kit includes

🔥Slime Kit Bag - (random colour sent)

🔥Butter Slime Kit

🔥Clear Slime Kit

🔥Fluffy Slime Kit

🔥Slime Charm

🔥 Beads



🔥Extra Activator

🔥Free Shipping

If you would like to order one just comment or message below :) 

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