Mega Slime Kit!


The MEGA Slime Kit!!😍

We know, after speaking to 1000`s of children, their all time favorite slimes to make are Butter Slime, Fluffy Slime & Clear Slime. We also know how much they love the add ons like floam beads, glitters, slime charm and they absolutely love to add a scent!😍

So we have pout all of that together into the ultimate slime kit! Each kit is individually packed with full instructions and all packed in a handy bag where they can keep all their slime supplies safe and & clean in one place 😀

More importantly, each kit is carefully put together to ensure they work every time, The Mega Kit includes

🎄Pink or Black Slime Kit Bag

🎄Butter Slime Kit

🎄Clear Slime Kit

🎄Fluffy Slime Kit

🎄Slime Charm

🎄Floam Beads



🎄Extra Activator

🎄Free Shipping

At the moment we have 20 kits, 10 of each colour, we are just finalizing the price but know they will be under £20. If you would like to reserve one just message us on facebook or via and we will put one aside and let you know as soon as they are ready to be sent out. 😀

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